To improve mobility of the thoracic tract of the spine, help muscle stretching, help to support muscle tissue in bad posture disorders, soothe leg pain, pain due to movement and bad posture

MD-THORACIC is a medical device finalized to help movement by limiting a physiological degeneration of joints and tissues as well as by counterbalancing any damage caused by:

  • aging
  • bad posture
  • concomitant chronic diseases
  • blows and injuries
  • pollutants


MD-THORACIC is a medical device finalized to help movement, specifically the thoracic area of the vertebral spine. Its main therapeutic functions include:

  1. a barrier effect
  2. a lubricating activity
  3. a mechanical support while administering other pharmacological treatments


MD-THORACIC is a medical device intended to be used by a qualified staff in private or public health facilities.



MD-THORACIC may be used as a single treatment or mixed with other medical devices of the same range, in order to make a customized treatment according to clinical evolution.

When a supportive treatment is needed for acute pain, MD-THORACIC can be associated with MD-NEURALMD-POLY and MD-MUSCLE (together with one or more than one of these).

Moreover, when a supportive treatment is needed for the connective tissue matrix or when the physiological aging process should be slowed down, MD-THORACIC can be associated with MD-MATRIX and MD-TISSUE.

It may also be used as a mechanical support while treating the following diseases:


  • Thoracic pain due to cartilage degenerative thoracic spine disorders (thoracic osteoarthrosis)

(in association with MD-POLY)

  • Thoracic pain due to scoliosis

(in association with MD-MUSCLE and MD-NEURAL)

  • Thoracic pain due to thoracic long muscle trigger points

(in association with MD-MUSCLE)

  • Pain due to thoracic spine osteophytosis

(in association with MD-NEURAL)

  • Pain from spinal osteoporosis

(in association with MD-NEURAL and MD-MUSCLE)

  • Mechanical imbalance (costo-vertebral facet joint syndrome)

(in association with MD-NEURAL)

  • Thoracic spinal ligament syndrome

(in association with MD-NEURAL)

  • Thoracic spinal nerve root pain

(in association with MD-NEURAL).


Warnings and precautions

Spinal pain requires differential diagnosis for primary or secondary cancer pain, reflex and referred pain from internal organs.

A slight reddening at the site may be due to a mechanical effect of the needle or to a skin superficial reaction.

Skin cleansing/disinfection is required before and after application. Saprophytic bacteria may produce site abscesses. KEEP AWAY FROM THE REACH AND THE SIGHT OF CHILDREN.

Do not use after the expiration date. The expiration date refers to the product properly stored in an unopened package. Use the product immediately after opening the package.